Payday Consumer Loan: Interest Rate In 2019


Paydayranks 8th among Russian banking institutions in terms of consumer loans issued. In Gazprombank, a consumer loan is represented by 7 programs, of which 2 are the issuance of loan funds for refinancing consumer loans.


For consumer purposes, 5 credits were launched:


consumer with standard conditions;

with security (guarantee of other persons);

“Light” (without guarantee and collateral);

for the issuance of a large amount – on the security of the apartment;

special – for military personnel.

In addition, in the bank for the period from 8.03 to 31.05 2019 there are actions that give an opportunity to receive lower interest on some offers. The bank offers customers several types of this product with various flexible conditions.


Payday consumer loan program

Payday consumer loan program

This is a standard program according to which borrowers can receive funds for various purposes without providing collateral and presenting guarantors. The attractive side of this product is a large maturity period – up to 7 years.

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The remaining loan parameters are as follows:

  • the minimum duration of placement of money – 13 months;
  • loan amount – from 50 thousand to 3 million rubles;
  • the lowest rate is 12.4%.

This program has one type – a consumer loan with collateral. This is a guarantee of at least one person. This loan has the same conditions. But the provision makes it possible to change the size of the funds provided. It varies from 3 to 5 million rubles. Rates and terms are similar to the standard program.

In order for clients to find their way around, Gazprombank has placed a loan calculator for all consumer loan options for individuals. The calculation is convenient to carry out by selecting one of the parameters – your income or the size of the desired amount.

 Standard conditions for obtaining a loan on general terms


Terms and interest rate

Terms and interest rate

Each loan product is different in its terms, but there is something in common:

  1. the bank did not establish a moratorium on the early return of funds and no penalties;
  2. redemption is possible by differentiated and annuity payments.

But the size of the bets is significantly different.

Loan name Minimum rate,%
Consumer 12.4
Light 10.8
On the security of an apartment 11.9
For military personnel 12.9

Borrowers have a chance to reduce the amount of interest. The bank has established a list of conditions under which a loan can cost the client less:

  • by 0.5% – if the client’s salary is credited to the account of GPB;
  • by 2.85% – when applying for a loan for a minimum period;
  • by 0.5-1.0% – if the loan has collateral;
  • by 1.0% – if the borrower insured his life and health.

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Borrower requirements

Borrower requirements

In Gazprombank, loans to individuals are issued only to those who meet the basic requirements of a banking institution:

  1. be a Russian citizen;
  2. permanently reside in the territory of the Federation and have registration;
  3. is in the age range (not younger than 20 and not older than 70 years);
  4. total work experience should be at least 1 year, and at the last place of employment – six months (payroll customers GPB enough to have 3 months);
  5. presence of positive CI;
  6. the presence of sufficient income, which allows to timely pay off the debt and not disrupt the payment schedule.

Gazprombank cash loans

Phased loan processing

The most attractive conditions are provided to such groups of clients:

  • receiving a salary on a bank card;
  • having shares of OAO Gazprom;
  • who is an employee of a budget organization or other organizations subject to special conditions of the credit program.

List of required documents

List of required documents

To get a loan, potential borrowers need to convince the bank of its solvency. They will need to provide an impressive list of documents:

  1. application form;
  2. passport and copies of all its pages;
  3. SNILS;
  4. certificates confirming the applicant’s income (in the form of a bank, 2-NDFL, bank statement);
  5. in some cases, the creditor may request the work record of the applicant with the employer’s certification;
  6. military personnel additionally provide a certificate of a NIS participant or a certificate of military service.

 To obtain a loan, customers must provide a package of documents in the prescribed form.

If the application is submitted online, then you will need to consent to the request of the CI with the CII. For all offers (except “Light”) application is possible through the bank branch and in the online mode.

Easy credit

Easy credit

One of the options for lending to individuals at Gazprombank is a consumer loan with the saying “Easy loan”. To obtain it will not require the provision and involvement of guarantors. Application forms are accepted only at the GPB branch, and when all documents are submitted, the decision is made by the lender from 10 minutes. The loan is provided under these conditions (they are valid for the period of the campaign from March 8 to May 31, 2019):

  • The loan term is from 13 months to 5 years (for employees of the GPB Group, Gazprom – 7 years).
  • The amount of funds provided – from 50 thousand to 3 million rubles.
  • Personal insurance is on a voluntary basis.


This bank offer is distinguished by the most favorable interest rates.

The minimum rate for the product is 10.8%. There are interest allowances:

  • + 1.0% – if the borrower does not receive a salary on the GPB card;
  • + 5.0% – if there is no personal insurance (this indicator is valid for the category “Employees of the GPB Group, Gazprom);
  • + 6.0% – in the absence of an insurance policy for other borrowers.

A loan secured by an apartment


A loan secured by an apartment

In Gazprombank, loans are issued in cash for a large amount and for a long period if the apartment held by the borrower is issued as collateral. Its presence will in no way affect the bid. The loan has the following parameters:

  1. Crediting period – 1 – 15 years.
  2. The loan amount is not less than 500 thousand rubles. (the minimum loan should not be less than 15% of the value of mortgage housing), and not more than 30 million rubles.
  3. Mortgage discount (discount on liquidity with accelerated sale of collateral) – at least 30%.
  4. Compulsory insurance of the property, in some cases – the title. Voluntary personal insurance.
  5. GPB salary customers are entitled to 11.9%, for the rest – at least 12.4%.

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The bank sets strict loan security requirements. The main property is taken as a pledge of a property with liquid characteristics (a detailed list of requirements for an apartment can be found on the website of the banking institution):

  • a separate apartment in an apartment building;
  • the property is located on Russian territory;
  • there is ownership of this housing;
  • nobody is registered in it;
  • This is not the only housing of the borrower.

The guarantee of third parties is accepted as additional security.

Consumer credit for military personnel

Consumer credit for military personnel

Gazprombank has a special lending offer – a consumer loan for military personnel participating in the accumulative mortgage housing system. For creditors of this category there are age limits – from 25 to 45 years.


Special conditions for the defenders of our homeland allow them to get loans on attractive terms.

The program has the following conditions:

  1. the loan is issued for a period of 6 – 36 months;
  2. the minimum loan amount is 50 thousand rubles, the maximum is 500 thousand;
  3. the guarantee of third parties is accepted as security;
  4. rate is set at 12.9%.

For military personnel taking part in hostilities or serving in hot spots, a banking institution may place conditions on the purchase of a life and health insurance policy.



The consumer crediting line in GPB is represented by 7 products with various conditions and percentages. This number of options allows customers to choose the most optimal offer for themselves. At the moment, there are promotions for some programs, making them even more attractive for investment. 28-03-201