Loan Terms Secured By Real Estate in Bank: Documents and Reviews of Real People


If you need a large amount of money, we recommend that you pay attention to the favorable conditions of the loan secured by real estate in Tinkoff Bank, the documents for which you do not provide for a certificate confirming income. But first carefully read the nuances of tariffs and reviews of real people, and only then make the final decision.

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  • 1 Terms of the loan secured in more detail
  • 2 Borrowers 3.0 Insurance Protection Program
  • 3 How is the execution and receipt of money
  • 4 Reviews of real people about lending secured by real estate

Terms of the loan secured in more detail

Terms of the loan secured in more detail



Real estate transferred as collateral, according to the terms of Tinkoff Bank, can only be an apartment in an apartment building located in the territory of the Russian Federation. To obtain a loan in cash on the property should not be imposed encumbrance. At the same time there is no change of ownership and housing remains in the use of the owner.

Conditions and rates Requirements and documents Issuance and repayment Conditions and rates Purpose Loan for any purpose. Interest rate From 9.00% per annum. Installed individually for each client. The maximum possible – 17.0%.

  • + 5% to basic in case of refusal to make mortgage on real estate
  • + 5% in case of termination of the pledge agareement until full repayment of the debt to the bank Tinkoff

Commission No Provision Required real estate pledge – apartments in an apartment building on the territory of the Russian Federation. Insurance Property and personal.

  • + 5-5.6% subject to the refusal of insurance pledged under the terms of a real estate loan under the program “Insurance protection of borrowers Tinkoff Bank 3.0”
  • + 0.5% in case of failure to provide insurance contract

Requirements and Documents Categories of Individuals A cash loan secured at Tinkoff is provided for employees, individual entrepreneurs, business owners or co-owners, lawyers and notaries. Age From 18 years at the time of contacting the bank and up to 70 years at the date of full repayment. Employment Mandatory employment. Work experience in the last place for at least 1 month. Registration Permanent or temporary on the territory of the Russian Federation. Income Credit is issued without proof of income. Documents For a cash loan you will need:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Documents on the pledged real estate.
  • Certificate of state pension insurance (SNILS).

Issuance and redemption Consideration From 1 to 5 days. Decision effect After approval of the online application, the decision on the issue is valid for 4 months. Registration The manager brings the documents for signing home or at any convenient address. Cash withdrawal from 3 000 ₽ in ATMs without commission. Repayment Repayment of the loan is annuity (equal) payments during the entire term of the contract. Possible early full or partial closure of the debt at any time. Fines1 / 366 of the size of the key rate of the Central Bank in case of failure to pay the loan payment. Make online application on the official website Make online application on the official website

Borrowers 3.0 Insurance Protection Program

Borrowers 3.0 Insurance Protection Program


To obtain the lowest possible interest rate, the terms of the loan involve a borrower in the insurance protection program 3.0. In the case of its refusal, the interest on crediting on the security of an apartment increases by 5%. Let’s take a closer look at what insurance pledged property protects against and how much it costs.

Installment card Conscience
 Interest rate 0% per annum
Installment period: up to 12 months from partners and 3 months in any store
Credit limit: up to 300,000 rubles
More than 50 0000 partner stores
Free registration and annual maintenance
It is possible to withdraw cash
Free delivery of the card by courier. Check out on the official website of Tinkoff Platinum
 Credit limit: up to 300 000 ₽
Grace period: 55 days
Loan rate: from 12.0% per annum
Cashback from expenses: up to 30%
Installment up to 12 months from partners
The service “120 days without interest” is available to refinance loans from other banks. Make 100 days without interest on the official website
 Credit limit card: up to 300 thousand.
Period without interest: 100 days
Loan rate: from 14.99% per annum
Cash withdrawal: free
Registration and delivery by courier: free Register on the official website

The program protects under the following conditions:

  • The death of the borrower as a result of an accident.
  • Death of the insured person from the disease, first diagnosed during the term of the insurance contract.
  • Establishment to the borrower of I or II disability group, which occurred as a result of an accident during the period of participation in the Tinkoff mortgage insurance program.

All loans secured by real estate without proof of income Obtaining as collateral the property of the borrower banks and so protect themselves from the risk of non-payment. But many require proof of income. We recommend to get acquainted with all credit organizations that do not require certificates. Read more

How is the execution and receipt of money

How is the execution and receipt of money


Online application

Go to the official website of Tinkoff and fill out an online application for a secured loan. The bank will immediately respond and inform the preliminary decision.

A meeting

At a personal meeting, the manager brings documents for signature and a debit card, to which funds will be credited.

check in

The property transferred on pledge is registered in Rosreestra by the employees of Tinkoff. The bank itself pays the fee in full.

The terms of the loan state that after signing the document and issuing a debit card, up to 100% of the loan amount is immediately transferred to it, and the remainder is credited after registering the collateral in the Rosreestr and confirming the real estate transaction. But real people in a review claim that Tinkoff immediately transfers no more than 25% of the amount, and often 10-15%.


Reviews of real people about lending secured by real estate


Reviews of real people about lending secured by real estate


On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews from real people about a loan secured by real estate in Tinkoff Bank. We selected several typical ones to understand the main problems, advantages and disadvantages of the lending program.

I applied for a loan with the receipt of cash on the security of real estate in Tinkoff, as the bank promised money in advertising the next day. Indeed, the manager left for a meeting for tomorrow and handed me a card, to which only 10% of the amount was transferred. The rest had to wait another 4 days.  Alexander review from the portal. It turned out that the bank does not pay all at once, it’s necessary to wait for 5 days of registration of the mortgage apartment in Rosreestr. Well, OK, wait. It takes 5 days and nothing happens. Recruiting manager. He answers that the delay is not from their side and we have to wait another 2 days. Then everything repeats. Only after the second call the balance was transferred. Valentine review from Otzovnik site

A loan with cash in exchange for the property to be pledged is promised by Tinkoff Bank to be issued the next day. But according to the terms, after signing the documents, only a small amount of money is issued, and the remainder is only after real estate registration in the Rosreestr. In the reviews, real people say that you can wait the rest of the money for more than 5 days.