Consolidation Loans: loan estimate for the home and requirements

Consolidating loans: characteristics and requisites required

Among the main reasons for which often you find yourself asking for funding there is certainly the renovation of the house. This is a fairly important expense, for which it is useful to defer the payment in convenient installments. For this reason, in the wide range of loans that are presented to us directly on the bank’s website, we find the consolidations . There are several characteristics that make this product quite interesting. First of all, it is good to start from the amount that can be requested, which is undoubtedly one of the main factors on which the choice of ideal financing is based. With the Consolidating loans you can receive a sum of money ranging from 5,000 euros up to 100,000 euros . So this is a solution that allows us to request a very high amount. Regarding the repayment of the loan it will obviously be possible to choose the duration , which will be between 3 and 10 years , so that we can complete the reimbursement in all serenity.

The consolidation is presented in detail on the website, which has many advantages . There are different needs that are met by this product, which for this reason is aimed at a rather large clientele. Among the needs that are underlined there is obviously that of renovating a residential property owned , but also that of financing energy redevelopment interventions , aimed at achieving energy savings. In this second case it will also be possible to take advantage of the tax benefits provided for by current legislation, choosing a product that finances large amounts, with flexible durations and without the need to present collateral. Also from the interest point of view, the conditions set by for this type of financing are quite convenient. The nominal annual interest rate Tan will in fact be fixed at 6.50% . In order to take advantage of these conditions it is necessary that the property that you intend to renovate is owned by the applicant and that the latter presents the appropriate declaration in which he undertakes to use the financing for renovations that fall within the type allowed to the facilities tax.

What are the requisites required by to have access to loans for home renovation? First of all, the age of the client is taken into consideration, which must obviously be of age , with an age of no more than 80 years at the end of the reimbursement . As we have already said, Consolidating loans are aimed at a very large clientele. In fact, the request for funding can not only be paid to employees and pensioners, but also to self-employed and unemployed workers, who usually encounter many difficulties in this regard. Among the economic requisites required, it is in fact specified how the documentation relating to the income capacity of the applicant can also be presented by the guarantor. So the income documents allowed will be the paycheck , the pension slip or the tax return . For those without paychecks it is also possible to present a guarantor who has the income capacity necessary to be able to submit the request.

How to apply for a loan quote for the home

If you are interested in receiving a loan to renovate your home, then what you need to do is request a loan quote for Restructuring. Unlike other products it is good to specify that for this type of financing we are not provided with an online simulator to perform the calculation in a few seconds. So how do you get to know the repayment installment and the interest rates applied before proceeding with the actual loan application? First of all, to give us an idea of ​​the conditions offered for this type of financing, an example is presented on the website. A request for an amount of 50,000 euros is considered , with a repayment plan of 8 years . By choosing these parameters, the monthly repayment installment we will pay will be 669.31 euros , with Tan 6.50% interest rates and 7.01% Taeg . This example can be useful for evaluating, for example, based on your economic availability, if we are able to receive a loan of 50,000 euros or we must move towards a lower figure.

Before requesting a loan to renovate the house, however, it is necessary to have a detailed cost estimate , especially considering that the sum of money we will receive and subsequently repay will be quite important. For this reason the best thing to do is to go to the branch and meet a consultant who will present in detail the conditions of the different types of financing offered and will help us to identify the ideal solution based on our needs. Through the website we have the very useful opportunity to make an appointment at the branch, both to request further information about the different solutions offered by the company and to receive a detailed estimate with calculation of the installment and interest. Obviously, in the same way, we can then proceed with the consolidation request, by going to the branch office with all the necessary documentation.

Making an appointment in the branches is very simple. For all those who are customers of the bank, simply access the Customer Area and use the appropriate service. Of course, even those who are not yet customers can fix the appointment, with the difference that to do so, it will be necessary to fill in the relevant form with all personal data and telephone numbers to be contacted. Finally we will be able to choose the branch nearest to our home through the special service, which will allow you to consult the list of the nearest offices simply by entering our address , our ZIP code or our province . From the list of branches, ordered by distance from the area specified by us, we can click on the one we prefer and then specify the date and time in which we want to fix the appointment. Once sent our request we will be contacted for a confirmation of the appointment or to choose a new date in case the one we have chosen is not available. The days and times available for appointments are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm .



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